Sunday, January 31, 2010

January wrapup

Okay... not the most productive of months, craft-wise. I didn't quite finish Joseph -- I still have a tiny amount of backstitching to do. And I didn't get the Hare canvas mounted on stretchers. But, hey, I was on vacation!

Must get more work done in February. I'd like to really get started on Hare, finish Joseph, and also do some scrapbooking. 28 days, lots of work to do...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

long time, no blog

So we survived our Goofy Challenge, had a great vacation, and now I'm getting back in the swing of real life again. (Tiresome though it can be.)

Have been home sick with a cold the last two days, which just gave me extra time to craft. Hooray! I spent most of the days scrapbooking, and have (drumroll please!) finished the WDW 09 book! It was a lot more pages than I expected... I have used up most of the extra pages I bought for the 2005 road trip book. Oops. But anyway, WDW 09, including the race, is done. But it made me realize that I still wanted to have *something* about my first ever marathon in my running scrapbook. So I made a simple pair of pages to add to the running book.

I also decided to buckle down and churn through some pages for the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. I made three sets, which seemed a little extravagant, but one set was dedicated to the Coast to Coast medal, which seemed like it deserved its own space.

So what's next in the land of scrap? Well, I'd like to put together a Disneyland scrapbook to hold the odds and ends from our year of Disney. (It may get some stripped down pages for the 1/2 Marathon...). I don't know that I have many pictures to feature, but I do have a few fun things... Wil's birthday, Bat Day, our Segway tour, and of course our anniversary.

Once that's done I'd like to jump in and do the 2010 WDW trip -- just to get it out of the way. That will free up space -- both mentally and physically -- to start tackling The Big Trek. That makes me feel a little stressed just thinking about it. So much for relaxing hobbies!

In other craft news, I have been slowly but surely working on Joseph... and tonight I finished the stitching. Now I have one more evening of backstitch and I can check him off the list. If I work hard, I will actually get Hare on the stretcher and get to work on it before the clock strikes midnight on January 31, thus fulfilling my monthly goal...

Oh, and as for the FE gifts -- I think they turned out really cool. Weird radio silence from that thread, however... maybe no one liked them? Oh well. I liked them.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Did some of the tidying that needs to be done before we leave... and also did some stitching while we watched movies on the big tv downstairs. I feel as if I'm now about 20% done with Joseph. Now pondering whether I should bring him with me on our trip -- or just amuse myself with books and magazines.

2010 off to an okay start

Yesterday we got up semi-early and went out to see Avatar in IMAX 3D... at 9:10am! That kinda messed up the rest of the day -- how does one recover from a 2.5-hour movie? We wandered around Northgate for a while (I bought beautiful Christmas cards at 70% off -- I WILL send cards this year! -- but otherwise we really just wandered. I don't think we even really went into shops. Weird. Then we went to the U District for Indian food and to peer in the windows at Upper Playground (closed).

Once home, we fiddled around a bit -- couldn't really get anything going, for some reason. But I settled in and did a couple of hours stitching on "Joseph". I always forget just how slow counted cross stitch is. But it is coming together. I should be able to finish him in January *and* start work on Hare. Maybe?

Today is a day of tidying -- dishes, catboxes, the shower. Tomorrow we say farewell to our Christmas decorations -- if not tomorrow, then it won't be until late January, and that's weird. :) But I still hope to work on Joseph for an hour or so each day.