Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 crafting

Well, on my days off I did manage to get the FE gifts done -- yay! And I "finished" my running scrapbook, including a "milestones" page that shows off my mileage awards. Also... drumroll please... I started my WDW scrapbook! Of course, I only have a title page, a travel page, and an expo page... and there are lots and lots of things left to scrap. But I feel good about the projects -- I organized my paper (a little) and I think I now can work on the WDW project without having to dig in the basement. Not sure if I'll have the chance to do more before we head back south -- and I realized that I didn't actually have any of Wil's pics. So there's more to still print. But it's a start, which is always the hardest part.

Next steps: look at Wil's pics, choose some to print, and then move on. I think I've scrapped up to the start -- just now need to scrap the race itself. I don't have a lot of pictures -- some from around mile 6, some from around mile 10 in the Magic Kingdom, some on the back stretch (Mary Poppins!), and some from Hollywood Studios. Oh, and there are the official photos. Maybe I'll do a little work tomorrow -- it would be GREAT to get the race scrapped, if not the other bits of the vacation. :)

As far as other crafting goes -- not sure where to go next. Maybe do a little work on the nativity Joseph -- if I finish him, I can start the Hare needlepoint. A smaller project might be better than something so daunting.

And I should confess that, after my trip up north for my birthday scrub (new year, new skin!) I went to JoAnn for a look around on the last day I might be allowed to make craft purchases. :) I bought some cardstock to coordinate with the Disney scrapbooks, along with some wooden bases for my cat project idea. Oh, and a couple of very inexpensive blank artist canvases because I really hope we get to meet Joe Ledbetter this year. Still pondering the idea of commissioning him to do a portrait (or two portraits) of our cats? Or does that officially push us into crazy catpeople? And I bought some pens because I want to "journal" more on my pages -- without having to make little squares to journal in.

So.... bring on 2010! I hope it's a creatively fulfilling year!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Well, I accomplished *most* of what I meant to do today, even if I didn't exactly tidy. :) Tomorrow is another day, of course. So perhaps I'll get that bathroom cleaned. :) But what crafts await me?

Well... I "finished" the FE gifts -- still trying to suss out presentation. I could glue-dot them to the "frames" (that's actually a really good idea...) and just call it a day. I think that's actually the way to do it. I'll cut out the "frames" and then get the glue dots out when I get ready to scrapbook.

Then, I need to do a bit more tidying in the front room -- I want to move the keyboard downstairs, tidy up the wires a bit, and organize the Wii accessories. (Bring that nice leathery bin upstairs to be their new home.) I also want to stuff the pouf with some of my old t-shirts. They can stay in there forever.

Then I want to clear off the kitchen table -- and underneath the kitchen table. This should take no longer than 10 minutes. :)

I'd then like to do a quick tidy of my desk -- just because it's a freakin' tip. Oh, and I must pay my VISA bill.

Oh, and I need to clean the catbox and move it into Wil's closet. Start creating the "cat nest" in there. Food, drink, places to hide...

And then I need to pull the scrapbook stuff off the shelf -- I would like to do a bit of scrapbooking tomorrow anyway, so that's a good excuse. :)

Scrapbook goals:
A. Glue dot the magnets onto the backing paper.
1. Girls on the Run 5K pages done.
2. Is there room for a "running achievements" page? Pages? That hold the random stuff like the 100, 500, and 1000 mile awards? Again, don't spend much time on this -- I don't have a pic of the 1000 award anyway. (Must capture that.)
3. Then -- dig out the WDW stuff and start looking at it. There's really not *that* much to scrapbook, in a way. But it would be fantastic to get that started.

(How sad that on one of my craftacular days I'll spend more time cleaning and prepping than crafting. Oh well.)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Had a lovely (if crafting-free...) Christmas with the family. Tomorrow Wil is off to work and I get to stay home and craft! Here's what's on my agenda:
1. Laundry
2. Finish tidying kitchen
3. When it gets light, go to Green Lake for a run!
4. Home, then shower
5. More laundry
6. FE gifts, step 1 - punch out circles and glue to bottle caps!
7. FE gifts, step 2 - glue magnets to back of bottle caps
8. More laundry...
9. Boxes to basement
10. Tidy office

So, more tidying than crafting, but I think I'll get most of the FE project done!
(I do, however, need to brainstorm about how to package them...)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

bottle caps!

The bottle caps have arrived -- hooray! Did a quick test with one punch-out -- of course they're perfect! Looking forward to some serious crafting in the week after Christmas!!! (Couldn't help myself -- just did 4 more -- just to practice. This is going to be fun and will have great results! I'm so pleased!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

bookmark complete!

Success! Came home today and finished mom's bookmark - hooray! Of course, I have just realized that I, once again, finished a project without photographing it, and then wrapped it. Well, tis the season! It turned out lovely. Also made a sprint to Barnes and Noble after work, looking for a nice book for mom, and found a great one (that I bought two copies of, and I'm giving one to Wil, too...).

So... a couple of things left to do for Christmas. I need to make Chuck's "gift certificate" and wrap it. I also need to wrap up two last things for Wil, and stuff his stocking. And then there's the roasting of yams for our tasty fiery sweet potato dish we're taking down for Christmas.

Then... the week after Christmas, there will be scrapbooking. Oh yes, there will be scrapbooking. :) (And, if the supplies come, making of the FE gifts -- which won't take long, once the bits come. It's basically 4 steps:
1. Once the bottlecaps arrive, punch out circles
2. Glue circles into bottlecaps
Y. Adhere glaze drops
Z. Adhere magnets
(Y and Z can happen in either order... just depends on when the glaze drops come)

Then assemble the packages (how?), scribble on the cards, and we're done!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

slow work...

STILL working on mom's bookmark -- getting down to crunch time now. Also panicked today because I can't remember what else -- if anything? -- I got her?!? Oh, wait, the calendar. Ahhhh. Less panicky. Though I still really need to finish the damn bookmark! I was really hoping to finish it tonight, but instead we had a visit from our pals -- which was lovely!

I keep thinking of things I could be making -- rather than finishing the projects I am working on. Naughty me. Was naughty today -- ran in to Half Price Books looking for a new Susan Wittig Albert book for my mystery-loving mom (to go with her bookmark, of course...). They didn't have any hardbacks in the China Bayles series, so I was heading out... and then swung through the craft section. Found two fantastic books on bargello needlepoint, which for some reason has been calling to me for a while. I mean, I have all that wool downstairs -- bargello seems like the perfect way to use some of it up! Oh, that reminds me that some day I'd like to make the carpet python draft dodger -- sweet and funny. Maybe...

Anyway, just looking at the bargello pattern makes me want to work with wool... but I MUST FINISH THE BOOKMARK. Must. I'm 1/4 of the way done with the border -- I should be able to move that along relatively quickly. No real counting to speak of -- just stitch stitch stitch.

Oh, and the bottlecap samples came yesterday; the flattened ones are perfect with the "glaze drops", so I ordered 100 of each. Can't wait to get the supplies so I can get moving on those! Which reminds me -- I need to print up some of the frames and such tomorrow.

SO. Tomorrow at work: print out the frames and other pieces. Tomorrow at home: finish the freakin' bookmark!!! Make Chuck's "gift card". Wrap up the last few gifts.

I can't wait to start work on the needlepoint. Wondering if I should discipline myself to, say, finish the "Joseph" before I start the needlepoint? Hmmm. I do feel that, if I didn't force myself to work on the nativity set, I would never finish it. Sigh.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

crafty, productive Friday

Got up when Wil left for work and got right to my list. First a bit of laundry, then one drying rack full of dishes. Also contemplated a run, since I didn't run on Thursday, but wanted to give myself a little more rest before the back to back weekend runs.

Then I finished the earrings -- I had almost finished them on Thursday night -- but not all the way. So I got to work and finished the pink earrings. They look amazing! I think Rebecca will love them:

I'm also thrilled with the topaz earrings -- they really look great with the necklace that inspired them:

But I think my favorite pair has to be the olivine/fuschia/copper pair. Really beautiful -- very much my style. Here is a bad photo of all three pair. Didn't have the patience to get the lighting right. :):

Then some more tidying -- some more dishes, a quick shower, and then I put my new scrapbook paper storage together (it fits -- huzzah). Got my scrapbook stuff out and did a few more pages for the running scrapbook.

Rebecca did me the huge favor of picking up (and, frankly, picking out) the popcorn popper and popcorn bowl for Charley and Pam's present. She came by while I was on the phone with Disney -- yes, I FINALLY booked the rest of the package for our trip in a few weeks. :) I got a patient, if also slow, agent, who got me a price $150 lower than the last one I was quoted. So that was nice!

Then I went over to Reba's to encourage her to pack her things. I sat there and stitched mom's bookmark (coming along -- though I don't really expect to finish the stitching tomorrow). Then a trip to Sip n Ship to drop off the packages, then a jaunt to REI to pick up socks for Eric, and then home.

I beat Wil home by about an hour -- which gave me time to order the 'Zaw pizzaI had promised. (Well, okay, I promised that I would make him a pizza. I made a pizza order, instead...) And work on my race scrapbook some more.

Today (Saturday) wasn't very creative -- though I did get all but the pages for the Girls on the Run 5K done -- I'd like to do that sooner rather than later, just while the memories are fresh. (Maybe Monday night?) I also got some crucial ingredients: some rum, the candy for C&P's present, and a couple of small stocking stuffers for Wil.

(Starting to panic that I haven't got enough presents for Wil -- tomorrow I must wrap everything and see how I feel. There are a LOT of presents under the tree with my name on them. Oops.

Still no package from the bottlecap lady, which makes me anxious. I think the flattened ones with the stickers are the simplest way to go -- and perhaps they will still be useful for other projects? (I think flattened will be better for scrapbooking... )

Oh, and I decorated the tree. We now just have ornaments from our life together -- except for my own first Christmas tiger ornament, one of the gold foil "fountains" from my folks' tree, and the stained glass ornaments and star that my mom made. Not a single Tigger. :) Lots of ormanents from our road trips, our journeys, etc. It's nice to have them all.

So. Sunday plans. Looooong run in the morning, then I will wrap presents in the afternoon. Maybe make last-minute lists of things to get, do. Then maybe a tiny bit of stitching. We'll see.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Secret Santa, part 3

Received a funny gift from my secret santa -- a decidedly off brand T-Mobile "ornament". And was pleased to see that JenG's stationery was well received.

Slight wrench in the craftacular weekend -- I was supposed to go to the naked lady spa with Reba. Oops. But I have so much to do! I don't know that I can spend a day being scrubbed within an inch of my life...

She offered to have a craft day, too... but the main craft I need to do is her earrings! Oops!

Hopefully that will sort itself out.

Got home, strung lights on the tree, and did some stitching. I'm always surprised how long it takes to stitch things like that up. But I finished the medallion and two of the 11 colors.

Still no sign of the bottlecap samples.... Oh! But I did order a couple of new scrapbook things today. Because I'm naughty.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Secret Santa, part 2

Came in today to find a plate of cookies on my desk... which I assumed were from JenW, and then we both went, "Ooooh! Secret Santa!" But then Kerry came by -- they were her awesome cookies (should have known!). So no sign, so far, of my Secret Santa. Don't know why it makes me feel a bit sad.

JenG wasn't in today so she didn't get her gift... hoping that she comes in tomorrow and sees it!

Because work was a bit icky yesterday, I happily distracted myself by already thinking about this coming weekend. (Yes, it's Tuesday, but it's the END of Tuesday, and this is a 4-day week, so let me enjoy it, okay?)

Sorted the threads and started stitching the bookmark this evening -- got about 40 minutes of stitching, which was going extra slow because I have started in the center of the piece with the silver thread. Still, good to get that underway!

My main focus of Friday, however, will be getting the earrings made and "finishing" my running scrapbook. Still can't really decide how to organize it -- do the Disney races get pages? No (stream of consciousness blogging!) -- I have decided not. The race scrapbook is a place to capture races that aren't captured elsewhere -- but there will be a Disney scrapbook that will capture the WDW marathon and DL 1/2. (And the 2010 Goofy!!!)

With no further ado, the plan for the weekend:

Thursday night:
come home and put lights on the tree

make pink earrings (do I need to get additional stones? if so, wait until "finished" with all 3 pairs)
make olivine earrings
make topaz earrings (again, do I need additional stones? if so -- go now!)
finish earrings if necessary
put scrapbook storage together
move paper upstairs
"finish" race scrapbook
put supplies away
wrap Wil's presents

run in the morning
wrap remaining presents
decorate tree
stitch bookmark

run in the morning
stitch bookmark (finish?)

Only Friday is exciting. I think the earrings aren't very complicated -- they shouldn't take too long. Unless I need to make a supply run. It has only just occurred to me that olivine may be the perfect color to go with the topaz earrings. Oh well. I may even have some olivine bicones, if not rounds.

I would also very much like to organize my scrapbook supplies. Thrilled that the storage things came. Need to stop agonizing about the "right" way to store things, and just store things. At least the paper will be sorted out. I think most of the storage problem is the "stuff to scrap" rather than "scrapbook stuff", if you know what I mean. Again, if I can get the Disney stuff done, that's a huge bag cleaned up. That's the goal for the week after Christmas... scrap all of previous Disney AND get the FE gifts done. As a plus-up bonus, wouldn't it be amazing to finish the ORIGINAL road trip scrapbook? I've got scads of pages done for that one, but I haven't actually put most of them in sleeves. That should be the next big thing. AFTER Disney. Really must get at least 2009 WDW scrapped before we go down in 2010.

Also, as I've said, I want to "finish" the race book -- there aren't that many pages left to do, and it's so freaking satisfying! Plus, my last race of the year was really inspirational. Want to capture that while it still feels great. So left to scrap in running:
- NYC runs (Central Park Reservoir, Roosevelt Island)
- SF Golden Gate Park run
- NYC bridge run
- NYC Harlem 5K
- Girls on the Run 5K
(I think that's it for now?)

None of those should take long -- not that many things to include, which will leave me some room to "journal".

I know no one will ever read this blog, but it's great to have this to keep track of my scattered projects!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret Santa...

Tonight got home, assembled my supplies... and realized I couldn't find my gold inkpad. I found the black one and the two shades of purple from Suz's shower invites... but I no sign of the gold one. So I ran out to JoAnn and picked up the last metallic stamp pad set they had -- with gold, copper, silver, and platinum inks. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend ($9.99), but at least I had all the other material already. So I bought it (and an extra glue stick, just in case...) and was pleased to find it was 30% off. $7 is better than $10.

Then home, where I played with the inks on a black background and some layers of colored paper on the cream cards. It ended up looking handsome -- or at least not an embarassment. :)

Of course, in my haste to finish, I quickly wrapped the cards and put everything away. So no pictures. Oh well!

Didn't do any other crafting today... though we did send the package to Beck and Steve, and I sent a sympathy card to Dan.

Oh -- yesterday I used the epoxy to bond the gems and the links -- so, really, the hard part is over! Tomorrow I have to work a bit late, so I might just focus on stitching the bookmark. I'd like to have a little more time to settle in with the beading...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

so crafty!

Was so crafty yesterday I didn't even have time to blog! Here's what I did on my craftastic day off!

1. The Fish Extender.

One word: AWESOME! It took longer than it really should have, but turned out so beautiful I'm almost speechless. Fantastic stuff! The hand stitching of the felt letters took a bit long, but looks so great. I really love working with felt. So pleased! A full project, beginning to end -- even got the dowel "painted" ( I cheated and used a sharpie...).

2. The ruffled recycled sweater scarf.

Umm. To be honest, it looks like the picture... I'm just not sure it's really.... all that nice. But I used an old sweater that had been sitting around for years (decades?), some ribbon I had downstairs for years (since my lavender summer a decade ago), and even some ancient blue thread. The only purchase for this project? The yarn needles. Which will come in handy for other projects. So it isn't the greatest result, but all it cost me was time.

3. The "joy" and "noel" trivets.

Another great project wrapped up! Okay, the hard part was finding the perfect frames... or was it getting the pieces centered on the sticky mats? But when I finished, the looked perfect. Sure, I had to make purchases, but it's thrilling to use some old stitching.

4. The travel incense kits.

Okay, they had been nearly finished, but I hadn't punched the little hole. So I did that yesterday, too.

5. The running scrapbook.

My scrapbook pages and posts arrived mid morning, so I was able to fix my broken race scrapbook, including adding a few more blank pages so that I can keep scrapping. Yay!

6. The Edna Looney Christmas banner

I finished putting this together a week or so ago, but only today did I cut the dowel and paint the finials. Can't wait to decorate for Christmas!

7. Not a craft project, but a project nonetheless: I posted the packing peanuts on Craigslist after spending 10 minutes bagging them up and moving them on to the porch. Was thrilled when they magically disappeared. No fuss, no muss. Maybe next week I'll get rid of the bubble wrap...

Also took delivery of my earring supplies; I'm nervous about the epoxy, but just need to suck it up. Excited to make those as they stones are absolutely amazing!

Was busy today with the Girls on the Run 5K and my brother's Christmas show (which was great!), but arrived home to find my scrapbooking paper storage had arrived -- yay! I think that will help me get some projects done. I have a scraptastic week planned after Christmas!!!

So. Next projects -- the earrings (maybe brave up and to the epoxying tomorrow?) and mom's bookmark. That should keep my stitching jones under control for a little while. Oh, and I have decided to make stationery for Jen for her Secret Santa gift. Maybe work on that tomorrow after the long run...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

shopping success!

Even though I left work later than usual, I was able to get my shopping done *and* pick up Wil with little difficulty. In fact, the time limit made me do less browsing

Went first to Joann, since the sewing was the more pressing issue. Found three perfectly coordinating fabric pieces (and some craft fusible interfacing) for the fish extender, but couldn't find thin felt -- just very thick felt. I did, however, pick up the thick felt because it might be just the thing to go under the frames/coasters. I also quickly found a dowel and the perfect circle punch. Hooray! Oh, and I found a tapestry yarn needle that will come in very handy for scarf-making. Because time was of the essence, I didn't waste time looking at Christmas things I didn't need, or additional scrapbook supplies. I'm quite pleased with myself for that!

Then over to Michael's where I quickly gathered felt squares, stickyback felt, glue, and magnets. Again, in and out in a few minutes. Yay!

Then I hurried out to Kirkland where I waited for a few minutes before finding Wil and heading for home.

We also stopped at Fred Meyer on the way home to pick up a small bag of potting soil and a poinsettia. Feels like Christmas!

After we got home I plotted out the fish extender pattern and colors, and drew and cut out the "GOOFY" felt pieces. (There will be more to do, but it's a start.)

SO... tomorrow. I really would love to get rid of the styrofoam peanuts. Maybe if I get up with Wil, bundle up, and go down to the basement I can collect them all and post them on Craigslist relatively early. Then maybe I can put together one load of stuff for Goodwill. If I can get the peanuts and Goodwill stuff under control by 8:30, I can jump on that call then. And then I'll clear off the kitchen table and do some cutting...

Then.... some hand sewing of decorations, some piecing, and some finishing. I know these projects always take longer than expected, but I think it's simple enough that I can put it together tomorrow. Hooray!

Any leftover time will be given to the planting of bulbs, cutting of a dowel for the Christmas banner, and (if the package is delivered) fixing my race scrapbook. Hooray!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

weekend plans

Had a difficult time getting my mind working at work today... after a bit of flailing, I decided to at least focus on getting my weekend projects in order. :

Yesterday's post described my shopping list... today shows a plan of attack.

Thursday after work: shopping for the materials on the list while waiting to collect Wil. A couple of small changes: I am looking for a "yarn needle" (for the ruffled scarf project) and a 1" circle punch (because mine is a 1/2") for the FE gifts. Today I made a quick run to Paper Zone to get some smooth, bright white cardstock to print the "bubbles" on on the schmancy printer at work and, since I was next door, found two perfect 5x5 white frames at Aaron Brothers next door. I'm surprised how small 5x5" is... makes me wonder if I should pick something larger? But, no, that spoils the simplicity of it... Oh, and the frames were 40% off $9.99, so a snip at $6 each. They also have sturdy boxes, which will come in handy when they're shipped next year.

One major setback, however. I looked at the "jewels" for the magnets and discovered that they're not very nice -- or at least, most of them aren't. They're scuffed, have bubbles in the glass, have cracks or chips. I unearthed some "finished" magnets I made a few years ago, and of the 24 of them, only 2 were "giftworthy" -- the others looked... cheap. So now I am reconsidering the project. I've been fascinated over the last couple of days by the world of bottle cap magnets. Plain bottle caps are relatively cheap, I've got clear resin, and (now that I've reclaimed the magnets off the old glass ones), I don't need as many of those.

What to do?

Well, I'm trying to learn more about the differences between the smashed and the unsmashed caps. (Umm, yes, I know, some are smashed, some aren't...). But does one "work" better than others? My instinct is to buy some of the smashed caps and call it good. Maybe I'll do a little test with a bottle cap later on. I know I have a mallet somewhere...

ANYWAY, I have planned a very busy weekend of crafting (and running). starting with cutting pieces on Friday morning, and sewing Friday afternoon. If I get gung ho I'll even plant the bulbs. Finally, the refill pages and extension posts for my scrapbooks should come... if so, I'll put the run scrapbook back together, which will be absurdly satisfying. :)

In other news... our boss (after waiting two weeks...) sent out a note about her Secret Santa idea, so I went to draw "my" name out of the hat in Janine's office. Lucky for me, I drew someone I know. Now I am trying to decide whether to give her a recycled sweater scarf or some nice handmade stationery... I only have until Monday to do it, so I need to decide SOON!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

excited for Friday

So I'm taking Friday off (still trying to use my "use them or lose them" PTO days before 12/31) and I'm SO EXCITED to spend the day crafting! I am nearly as excited at the prospect of doing my first "project completion shop" after work on Thursday while I wait for Wil's work event to finish.

Thursday's shopping list:
I. Finishing touches for the two Christmas stitchery pieces (stitched when I lived in the apartment on 17th...)
A. 2 5x5 white frames
B. stickyback felt for the frames
C. stitch mounting board

II. Finishing touches for the FE gifts (to be finished by 1/6/10)
A. 60 magnets
B. silicone glue / sealer
(this project will use up nearly all of the glass pieces I bought YEARS AGO to make magnets with!)

III. Finishing touches for the Fish Extender (to be finished by 1/6/10)
A. felt squares in orange, blue, and lime (bring Goofy for color reference)
B. thin dowel (bring those little end caps!)
(this project will use up some of my fabric stash, an ancient package of bias tape, as well as a sheet of my printable silk!)

Here is what I'm thinking of doing on Friday:

1. making magnets, step one -- images under glass
2. paint fish extender dowel
3. cut out fabric pieces for fish extender
4. stitch names on to pieces
5. sew extender together
6. bind edges
7. finish top!

Ambitious, but should be possible! The challenge will be coming up with a design that I'm happy with for the top panel.

Monday, December 7, 2009

first "completion" purchase needs

Okay, so I inventoried the supplies for the FE gift magnets... I've got plenty of marbles, but no magnets and I'm almost out of the glue. SO, I need silicone sealant glue and some 50 magnets. :)

a few projects...

After yesterday's trip to the "stash store", I scribbled down a list -- surprisingly, shamefully long -- of projects I could do with little or no shopping required. Here follows the list, including what might be needed for completion, if anything.
Fish Extender for cruise (dowel for hanging)
FE gift magnets (may need a few more "jewels")
nativity set
needlebook using the V&A "fish" cross stitch piece
scissor case in the V&A "fish" pattern
"joy" and "noel" trivet/??? (may need to research trivet ideas)
hare pattern needlepoint
recycled blue sweater scarf
recycled pink sweater scarf
recycled purple sweater scarf
earring sets x3 (may need additional ear wires...)
brick cover (I need a brick!)
xmas cat toys
crochet ruffle scarf
tiger needlepoint
running shirt quilt (may need backing...)
Bub photo pillow (may need "fur" for edging)
Kiki photo pillow (may need "fur" for edging)
Christmas tablemats
Halloween fireplace scarf/banner
Dutch hotpads
Asian bookmark
deMorgan bellpull
WDW marathon / Goofy scrapbook
big long trip scrapbook
build road trip scrapbook (need extra page holders and post extenders)

Wow. That should keep me busy through 2015, at least...

It's the first time in a while, however, that I actually feel excited about crafting. Last night I actually unpicked the problematic "Joseph" stitching -- which I believe was the reason I put the nativity project aside all those years ago -- and started it again.
It's not going to happen for this Christmas, but I can see this as an awesome 2010 Christmas gift. :)

I need to take this list of potential projects and prioritize them, but for now, it's both inspiring and daunting to see the list totally unsorted. Now I've got to count "jewels" for my magnets...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

okay, so it's not 2010 yet...

A month or so ago a friend mentioned in passing that she hadn't bought any new clothes in 2009. This surprised me, because she is always so amazingly well turned out. I began to wonder if I could go without buying new clothes in 2010... but then my best girlfriend reminded me that I'm not exactly a clotheshorse. I have a small pile of the same black v-neck t-shirt, nearly identical black chinos, a cardigan, and that's pretty much my wardrobe. So clothes shopping isn't exactly one of my vices.

A few days ago the same girlfriend and I were IMing and somehow the subject of crafting came up... and that craft supplies are my personal weakness. I love to buy supplies -- there are few things that make me as happy as wandering around a craft store and collecting supplies for projects that I never knew I might want to try. Combine this weakness with my inherited packrat nature, and, well, the result is a basement full of supplies. Mainly well organized supplies, mind you, but supplies. I never met a craft I didn't like, apparently.

I've got a huge stash of quilt fabrics, from fat quarters to multiple yards. It must be said that I've made a number of very nice quilts... but I could make many dozen more from the material in my stash.

I've got another huge stash of fancy silks and velvets from a scarf-making fetish a few years back. Don't get me wrong; I made some beautiful scarves that were well received. I even was able to use some of the velvet another year when I made fantastic antique kimono patchwork scarves. These gifts were also well received. But I stumbled across a surprise box full of velvet yardage today. There are only so many scarves my girlfriends want or need!

Then there's the fabric that I collected in British charity shops -- antique curtain panels that would make amazing skirts; perfect purple and black goth brocades, funky 60s prints that, though I didn't know what to do with them, I knew I wanted them.

Then there's the stash of semi-random fabrics that were bought with particular outfits or clothes in mind... but I never made them. Some of them sit in bags, complete with pattern, thread, and required notions. Good heavens.

That's just the fabric.

There are boxes of skeins of yarn. I haven't knitted in years. But I've got yarn. I've also got literally dozens of stitchery kits -- some purchased over 10 years ago -- and, perhaps even worse, finished stitchery pieces that have never been made up into cushions, wall hangings, what have you. Shoeboxes full of persian wool, tapestry wool, embroidery floss. A box full of antique buttons. Boxes of paints. And of course all the scrapbooking supplies!

So, until the rest of 2010, I will not purchase any more craft supplies. This still seems like a brave statement to type. There are, as always, a few exceptions. IF I finish the main pattern of the Beth Russell "Hare" forest tapestry before I head to Britain for Bec's wedding, then I am allowed to buy the "Fox" tapestry kit. Also, if I need something to finish a project -- thread, a zipper, a pillow form, even potentially something as large as a quilt batting or backing, that's allowed. But everything else must come from the stash downstairs.

Bold. Well, except if you saw the stash...