Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March wrap-up

All in all a decent month for crafting, though I didn't feel as if I did very much.

I finished the "wise men in green" cross stitch -- all that leaves is the camel! (Oh, and then the beading and the tassels and the putting it together... that will take a long time too...)

I also got started on the 2010 Florida / WDW scrapbook. It took me a long time to get started, having felt a bit overwhelmed by it, for some reason. But I have started, and have essentially finished the half marathon section (and the half marathon page in the 2010 running scrapbook for good measure). This coming weekend I would like to finish the full marathon section, the full marathon page in the running scrapbook, and if possible the Goofy pages. That will also feel like a huge victory.

Coming up in April: my major focus will be the veins on the leaves on the Hare needlepoint, with a stretch goal of the outlines of the leaves. This may be challenging because I will be out of town -- and unable to stitch -- for a week while I'm on location. Still, we do what we can, eh? Secondary focus will be finishing the 2010 Florida / WDW scrapbook. Third focus will be getting serious about my outfit for Beck's wedding...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Though it hasn't been the most craftacular month so far, I have made some progress. Tonight I finished the basic stitching on the "Wise Man in Green" -- which is very satisfying. Of course, there is still a ton of backstitching to do, and that always takes waaaay longer than I think it should. Oh well. I am going to wait until the very, very end to do all the beads and tassels -- might as well do it all at the same time -- but I will be able to finish the green guy in March.

We had a very active weekend, full of long walks and things done. So I didn't get any scrapbooking done. The Florida trip seems somehow too daunting to start -- which is absurd, given that it was only a week's trip, really. And I've done a lot of pre-work -- sorting the stuff into folders, and ordering the pictures, etc. I do feel as if I can break it down into subsets -- focus on doing the race pages first, for example -- and then just checking stuff off a little at a time.

Have been also looking at other scrapbook supplies, which is naughty. But I keep thinking that if I can just inspire myself to run I'll feel happier.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

other random craft thoughts

Wanted to capture another set of project ideas...
- "52 things I love about you" card set
- cone gnomes
- something wooden?
okay, okay, it isn't exactly an exhaustive list...


Today spent the morning working on -- and finishing! -- the "Year of Disney" scrapbook. Finished making pages, and took the book apart to replace the page protectors with the ones that actually fit that book. Hooray! Really pleased with how it came out. This afternoon we went out to run a couple of errands and picked up the prints from the Bats Day Castle Meet panorama -- lovely! So when we got home I added them to the book and it was done. (Okay, sure, I could imagine opening it up and adding some journal entries here and there, but the real work is done. Done!)

Also got some good stitching in last night on the "Wise Man in Green" -- even if he does seem to be wearing a lot of blue... I think I will be able to complete him on schedule in March. Hooray!

Had my annual "OMG! Reba's birthday is coming!" panic today. Must start plotting... something.

Monday, March 8, 2010

midweek check-in

Umm, okay. So I didn't scrapbook at all this weekend. I did a little bit of work on "Wise Man", but didn't find myself sitting down very often. I'm hoping for some quiet time this coming weekend to do some scrapbooking, along with some midweek evening time. We'll see. Still feeling pretty positive on the "schedule". Not very "crafty", but I at least completed one big project: our 2009 taxes. So that is a relief of sorts -- and it frees up time in the future!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Finished stitching the bunny today -- well, okay, all but the nose and the eye, which I'll do last. Packed up all the wool and covered the frame with a clean pillowcase and put it away until April. Hooray!

Also today got a very tiny start on Wise Man in Green. It's going to be difficult, but doable. And it's the second to last figure in the nativity set! It always astounds me how long it takes to complete counted cross stitch -- I keep needing to second guess myself -- three in a row? Two? One space? Two? Oh well, keeps me out of trouble, eh?

Going to try and finish the Disney 2009 scrapbook this weekend. Hopefully the replacement pages will arrive so I can completely wrap it up.