Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AEDM Day 2: NYC scrapbook "shell"

It's day 2 of AEDM... and 5 days before the NYC Marathon. I'm a little anxious about both! I wanted to put together a simple "shell" of a scrapbook to take with me on my trip so that I could both capture memories as they happen and have something on hand to be creative with!

As I type this, I realize that my camera is in the car, so I won't be posting a picture today. (See, it's like this: I always paint my toenail something special before a race... so I've got wet blue and orange polish on my toes. You wouldn't want me to smudge my "powertoes", would you?).

But imagine if you will a chipboard cover, some long, thin envelopes to hold odds and ends, some gorgeous paper inserts, all wrapped in Little Yellow Bicycle's "Pack Your Bags" paper collection. Ever since I signed up for the race back in March I've kept my eye out for NYC embellishments; I'll be adding them as I go along. If I get some time tomorrow I will be making some journal cards to carry with me -- I find that if I don't journal right away, I forget things!

Happy creating, everyone!

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