Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AEDM days 2 and 3

I'm not sure I made art today, but I made progress. I made a couple of dozen "journal cards" that I can carry with me while I'm on my trip so I can make notes as I go. I also put together a small scrapbook kit -- some scissors, a hole punch, and a glue stick -- so that I can add things to the "scrapbook shell" I made yesterday.

I must admit that I used to make fun of scrapbooking... but I have come to love the process of capturing memories. I don't scrapbook everything, just travel and running. I love to look back through old scrapbooks -- and I do so much more often than I have ever looked back through old photos. And when I'm feeling worried about a race, it's great to look back over my running scrapbook to remind myself how far we've come and how much I love running -- even if I don't always love it WHILE I'm running!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring -- some last-minute laundry, packing, and tidying the house before we leave. I wish I could think of a good airport/airplane project!

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  1. Sunny! I love it. Great way to capture the memories and be able to share it with others (like me!). Doodling or coloring with markers is a great way to 'be creative' on the plane. Easy to carry too... You can make 'I Did It!' signs. Have fun and break a leg!